World: Human Rights Risk Index 2014


Risk analysis company Maplecroft is releasing its 7th annual Human Rights Risk Atlas today. The Atlas analyses human rights risk trends in 197 countries across 31 different violations and provides the most accurate picture available of the state of global human rights.

Key findings:

  • The Atlas reveals a 70% rise in ‘extreme risk’ countries since 2008 – from 20 to 34

  • Since 2008 the countries which have seen the worst deterioration of their human rights environment include: Syria (ranked 1st and most at risk), Egypt (16th), Libya (19th), Mali (22nd) and Guinea-Bissau (74th)

  • Key emerging economies to drop into the ‘extreme risk’ category include: Nigeria (10th), India (18th), the Philippines (27th) and Indonesia (30th)

  • Factors in the 70% increase include: repression of freedom of speech; ethnic and sectarian conflicts; a lack of worker protection; and competition for land and water between local populations and industrial business users

  • In 2014, the highest risk countries include: Syria (1st), Sudan (2nd), DR Congo (3rd), Pakistan (4th), Somalia (5th), Afghanistan (6th), Iraq (7th), Myanmar (8th), Yemen (9th), Nigeria (10th)

  • Scandinavia is the best performing region, while UK is ranked 165th and low risk.

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