World Events - ECHO Daily Map | 13/08/2015

Portugal – Forest fire
• The forest fire that broke out in the municipality of Gouveia, Guarda district, on 10 August, has been put under control, having burnt at least 2,363 ha.

Central America – Food insecurity
• Central America is experiencing a prolonged dry spell, affecting in particular the so-called "Dry Corridor“, comprising parts of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. 750,000 people are in a food security crisis situation, with the trend deteriorating.
• The Government of Honduras has launched an international call for assistance.

Italy – Severe weather
• Heavy rainfall over the past few days caused floods and landslides in southern Italy. In the province of Cosenza, Calabria, roads and houses have been flooded and 500 people evacuated their homes, although most of them are now able to return.

Syria – Conflict
• A ceasefire was agreed between the Syrian army, Hezbollah forces and armed groups (AGs) on 12 August and was implemented in Al-Zabadani (Rural Damascus), Fou’a and Kafraya (Idlib).
• Damascus was attacked yesterday by AGs. Dozens of people were killed and injured.
• Reports indicate food supplies, clean water and other basic items are increasingly scarce.

China – Explosion
• Two explosions took place at a warehouse containing flammable and explosive materials in the industrial port of Tianjin on 12 August.
• As of 13 August, media report the fires to be under initial control, while 50 people have been killed, 18 firefighters are missing and over 700 people have been injured.

Ethiopia – Drought
• Food insecurity is widespread in the country and rates of acute malnutrition are growing above the international thresholds that define an emergency.
• Low rainfall during two consecutive rainy seasons, led to delays in planting and thousands of livestock have died. Water sources are depleted and the regeneration of pasture has not happened. Unseasonal livestock and people migration out of the most affected areas has been observed in many parts. The main crisis areas are now concentrating in the North East and Eastern parts of the country.

Yemen – Conflict
• Pro-Hadi forces and popular resistance fighters continue to gain ground and they entered Ibb on 11 August. Fighting has also erupted closer to the capital city, Sana’a, and much of Aden city has been destroyed.
• Over 12.9 million people are now surviving without adequate access to basic food, while air strikes have targeted local markets and trucks laden with food.
• People continue to flee Yemen. A total of 98,520 people have arrived in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Djibouti,
Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan.

Myanmar / Burma – Floods
• The areas hardest-hit by the floods have seen significant rice price spikes. Of the approximately 16 million acres under rice cultivation, 1.5 million have been damaged.
• A low-pressure system over the Bay of Bengal could bring strong winds and heavy rainfall to the Ayeyarwady Region and the southern coast of Rakhine State.