OCHA Financial Tracking Service - Tracking Global Humanitarian Aid Flows

Financial Tracking Service is managed by OCHA and is a global, on-line, real-time database of humanitarian funding needs and international contributions.

Why is humanitarian financial tracking important?

FTS improves resource allocation decisions and advocacy by clearly indicating to what extent people in crisis receive humanitarian aid, and in what proportion to needs. By providing an overview of who is doing what to respond to crises and highlighting under-funded projects, organisations and sectors, FTS allows donors to direct funds to where they are most needed. This promotes accountability and transparency for humanitarian action. FTS is the most comprehensive database of its kind.

What kind of contributions does FTS cover?

The FTS database includes all cash and in-kind humanitarian contributions reported by donors and recipient organisations for any humanitarian situation in any country. It has a special focus on consolidated and flash appeals because they cover the world’s major humanitarian crises and track contributions in relation to needs and financial requirements.

How can the FTS information be accessed?

FTS is an open, public website. It provides a series of analytical tables that show humanitarian aid flows to specific crises, as well as global overview tables, pooled funds pages (CERF, CHF, ERF), a focus on natural disasters, and donor profiles. FTS also allows users to produce custom tables through an advanced search feature. Searches can be downloaded in Excel or saved and streamed via RSS/XML feeds.

How does FTS support donors and implementers?

All reported contributions are visible on the website in real time, showing aid flows and funding trends. Full information is a powerful coordination tool and helps all stakeholders see the full extent of humanitarian activities and resources.

How can donors and humanitarian partners report to FTS?

Users can report contributions and inform FTS of omissions or additional information at fts@un.org or via the on-line form at http://fts.unocha.org (click on “report a contribution”). By keeping FTS updated, partners contribute to improving coordination, accountability and transparency.

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