Epidemic and emerging disease alerts in the Pacific as of 11 June 2019

from Pacific Community
Published on 11 Jun 2019

Highlights/updates since the last map was sent on PacNet on 4 June 2019


• Tuvalu: Since the number of cases have decreased last week, we have removed the blue alert. Source WEEKLY Surveillance Report, Report for Epidemic Week 18((29/4/19-5/5/19))

Additional information of relevance (e.g. imported cases with travel history to Pacific Island countries and territories):

• One (1) imported cases of dengue 1 with travel history to Fiji were reported by New Zealand ESR (Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd) for the period 01/01/19 to 02/06/2019

• Four (4) imported case of dengue 4 with travel history to Solomon Is. was reported by Queensland Health (notifiable conditions data) for the period 01/01/2019 – 02/06/2019 available online.

Update received from ESR on Zika case from Samoa reported in January 2019

On 22nd January, we have reported on PacNet one (1) imported case of Zika virus infection in New Zealand with travel history to Samoa, Source: New Zealand ESR (Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd). Here is the update received regarding the case of Zika we received yesterday from ESR:

“Further investigations of the case, which was possible only a few weeks later, showed the results were likely to be false positives. The Ministry of Health would like now to officially correct the previous information, and confirm that this was NOT a case of Zika. The Ministry has received a full investigation report on the problems raised by these false positives and is satisfied with the actions taken by the laboratory to avoid further similar issues.”