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2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season – DG ECHO Daily Map | 18/12/2020



  • The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was extremely active, with 30 named storms (tropical storm or higher strength), including 13 hurricanes, which is more than double of the long-term average of 12 named storms and 6 hurricanes.
  • Several records were set this year (e.g. number of named storms) and the Greek alphabet was used for the second time on record to assign a name to the tropical storms and hurricanes. In the past, it was used only during the devastating and record-breaking 2005 season.
  • The 2020 season is the fifth consecutive Atlantic hurricane season above-average and this year several conditions contributed to make this record-breaking season possible, including La Niña which enhanced the hurricane activity in this basin.
  • Every year, hundreds of people died in this basin and for the most damaging events international assistance is required.
  • Since 2011, GDACS timely issued RED alerts for the most destructive events, like this year for ETA and IOTA, which devastated Central America.

Sources: JRC, WMO, NOAA