1995 West Asia Population Density


-Zipped dataformats options are BIL or TIF.
-These files are to be used with GIS or image processing software.

With few exceptions, we used official census figures or official estimates which were taken from national publications (census reports or statistical yearbooks) or from secondary data sources (yearbooks and  gazetteers). In order to maximize comparability across national boundaries, all district-level population figures were projected to 1995.

               File size: BIL - 1379K, TIFF - 1380K

               Spatial Reference Information (Beg)
               Projection Parameters
               Projection: Geographic
               Units: DD
               Datum: WGS84
               Spatial Information
               Number of Columns: 864
               Number of Rows: 1752
               Pixel Resolution (m):
               Data Type: byte (16-bit)