Vanuatu – Tropical Cyclone Donna-17 | Population Exposure Analysis, Update 2, 05 May 2017

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Donna-17 is a category 3 tropical cyclone moving west, over southern pacific ocean at a speed of 15 km/h. Tropical cyclone Donna-17 passed near Northern Torba Municipality earlier on the 05th May 2017 with a sustained wind speed of ~160 km/h and it is expected to move southern along western Sanma and Malampa Provinces on 07 May 2017 over Coral sea.

Based on data of the observed and predicted tropical cyclone path, wind speeds from JRC (Warning 7 issued the 05th May 2017 at 06:00 UTC), and population data from WorldPop, UNITAR-UNOSAT conducted a population exposure analysis for Vanuatu :

  • 639 people are living within 120km/h wind zones (in Northern Torba municipality),
  • 482 people are living within 90km/h wind zones (in Central Torba municipality), and
  • 96,331 people are living within 60km/h wind zones.