Vanuatu Food Security & Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) - Partner Presence (as of 05 October 2016)

Vanuatu Food Security and Agriculture Cluster Reported Activities:

FAO: Urban Backyard Gardens, Forestry Seedling & Vegetable Seed Distributions, Integrating disaster risk reduction (DRR) in Agriculture

GIZ: Training on community garden for El Nino resilience, training on backyard gardening and poultry for coping with drought.

Live and Learn: Food security for farmers and schools.

NasiTuan/Tear Fund: Provide Community Organisational Strenthening, Environmental and Social Workshops, Organic Agriculture workshops, Composting, SALT Sloping Agriculture Land Technology, res Trainings on Coffee and Peanut, Coffee Seedlings Distributions, Poultry Training, Basic Nutrition, Food Preservation, Financial Literacy, Germination Box, Multiplication Plots with improved planting materials, Irrigation system for Household Gardening

World Vision International : Food security activities