Ukraine: People affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine 2017 - ECHO Daily Map | 01/02/2017

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Ukraine - Conflict

  • After almost 3 years of conflict in eastern Ukraine, the context remains volatile. 3.8 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

  • The intensity of hostilities in eastern Ukraine has significantly increased since 26 January and further worsened over the weekend. Reports, yet to be confirmed, indicate 10 civilian casualties (two dead, eight wounded) on 23-29 January.

  • The fighting is concentrated along the contact line in the government and non-government controlled areas of Donetsk region. The security situation is also very tense in Donetsk city. Clashes intensified since early January close to Mariupol, with the number of incidents reportedly doubling compared to December. In the Luhansk region, the security situation in areas close to the contact line has deteriorated.

  • Fighting in Avdiivka, along the contact line in the government controlled areas peaked again on 29 January and is ongoing. Power lines were destroyed, affecting water supply to some 15-17 000 people, and the heating systems. This is particularly critical as temperatures have dropped to -22C. The oblast administration is carrying out an assessment to identify needs for additional generators, but an urgent cessation of hostilities is needed to restore the electricity lines and avoid significant consequences for the civilians living in the area. The Ukrainian State Emergency Service has elaborated a plan to evacuate up to 16 000 persons from Avdiivka to the neighboring towns. DG ECHO humanitarian partners ICRC, PUI, PIN, UNICEF and UNHCR are present in the ground and ready to provide support.

  • Reports of damages to infrastructure are multiplying increasing the risk of large-scale humanitarian consequences. On 23-29 January, at least 48 buildings were damaged as a result of indirect shelling. Electricity was temporarily disrupted in six settlements south of Donetsk and a village near Yasynuvata, leaving an estimated 2 500 people without electricity. Gas supply was also temporarily suspended in Zaichenko in the Donetsk non-government controlled area (NGCA)