Diaspora Emergency Response Map for Ukraine


Since the escalating conflict in Ukraine on February 24, DEMAC – the Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination initiative, which is hosted by Danish Refugee Council and funded by USAID, has been gathering information from Ukrainian diaspora organizations and their way of responding to this humanitarian emergency.

DEMAC has developed a Diaspora Emergency Response Map for Ukraine and updates it in real-time. Diaspora Organizations and Institutional humanitarian actors will find useful information on locations (we avoid exact coordinates for protection and security reasons) and areas of interventions of diaspora organizations operations on the ground. You will also find contact details about diaspora groups for collaboration purposes and be able to access current updates on the situation as well as useful resources for diaspora networks’ response. Only publicly available information has been used and no sensitive data will be published.

The Ukraine Emergency Response Page on www.demac.orgg will be updated on a constant basis to ensure most recent and reliable information as possible. It is first and foremost tailored to diaspora organizations to get an overview of the scale of the responses on the ground. Secondly, it is a valuable tool for institutional humanitarian actors to assess the humanitarian response by local partners and increase the awareness of diasporas impact in times of crisis.

Coordinating humanitarian response on the ground is crucial to enhance the efficiency of humanitarian aid delivery and avoid duplications. The formal humanitarian system cannot cope with this huge crisis without strong support from local partners. Diaspora organizations have close local ties and cooperate with a vast network on the ground, consisting mostly of volunteers and often have access to hard-to-reach areas.

For questions on our operations or interest in collaboration with Ukrainian diaspora organizations, reach out to us directly on