Uganda: Amudat Drought Bulletin May 2012

from ACTED
Published on 31 May 2012 View Original


The overall district is on ALERT, this situation is attributed to the generally alarming level of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) within the communities coupled with the fact that most of the households do not have adequate food stocks and that they have resorted to adverse coping mechanisms. The livestock sector a major source of livelihood is on alert because of the prevalent diseases especially brucellosis that has been rampant since the first quarter of the year yet no intervention has been put in place. Besides the purchasing power reduced drastically as a result of the high food prices especially sorghum. The crop sector was also in Alert because of the rodents that have devoured the crops threatening food security.
Information from the climate outlook predicts high chances for near normal rains to above normal between June and August, hence adequate water for plant growth is expected.
Nevertheless it is yet too early to give more detailed prediction on the expected harvest.