Turkey Earthquake - Turkish Humanitarian Response (as of 2 November 2011)

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  • US$7.689.760,00 allocated to the emergency relief operation in Van Province.
  • US$63.440.860 raised in an aid campaign launched by the Prime Minister ERDOĞAN, including $50 million donated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 4,448 search-rescue personnel, 1,796 medical personnel, are in the affected area.
  • Delivered: 667 vehicles and heavy lifting equipment, 173 ambulances(7 of them air ambulance),11 mobile hospitals, 60 prefabricated houses, 146 generators, 151 portable WCs, 60 prefabricated houses, 44,164 tents, 170,495 blankets, 5.792 sleeping bags, 37 portable kitchens and other non-food items.
  • 13 tonnes of food supply delivered to the region. 21.950 beneciaries continue to be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • 3 military planes are shuttling between Ankara and Van carrying personnel and equipment.
  • Erzurum established a logistics reception centre to receive international assistance coming by air.
  • Van Governorship established a logistics reception centre to receive international assistance coming by land.
  • Turkish coordinators deployed to Ankara Esenboða, Ýstanbul Atatürk and Ýzmir Adnan Menderes airports to facilitate response operations.
  • The Ministry of Interior Aairs has assigned coordinators from five authorities to Van province to coordinate humanitarian operations.
  • Emergency centres work 24/7 for search-rescue, temporary shelter, debris removal, medical and psychosocial support.
  • Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS) has provided shelter for 147.470 beneciaries by 1 November 2011.
  • Turkish authorities are setting up 3,000 containers as temporary shelters.
  • The Turkish Government is accepting offers of international aid. Needs include tents and prefabricated houses.
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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