Daily Situation Report on the Situation Pertaining to Syria, November 10-12, 2012

from UN Country Team in Turkey
Published on 12 Nov 2012 View Original


• According to the official figures reported by the Government of Turkey on November 12,the number of Syrians registered and accommodated in 14 campsestablished insevenprovincesincreased to about 115,000 personsincluding 729 who are undertakingmedical treatment in the hospitals. According to the local officials, with the estimated number of up to 70,000 Syrians living in urban,the total number of Syrians in Turkey is approximately 185,000persons.

• Reportedly, during the 48 hrs of 10-12 November, 2,340 Syrianshave arrived to Turkey and 1,363Syrians have returnedto Syria voluntarily. Some of the camps' authorities informed UNHCR that they continued to receive spontaneous new arrivals.

• Due to the escalated situation in Ras Al-Ayn border town across Ceylanpınar since Friday, it is estimated that some 8,000-9,000 Syrians crossed to border from various points of the border line and the vast majority of these new arrivals are hosted by their relatives in the nearby villages as well as Ceylanpınar, Akçakale, Viranşehir and Kızıltepe towns. Reportedly some 4,000 of these new arrivals have been registered in Akçakale and Ceylanpınar camps during the period November2012 however some of these people have also moved out on permission to their relatives.

• On 12 November12,2012, local officials informed UNHCR that 1,289 new arrivals were registered in Ceylanpınar camp and 22 wounded people of whom fivedied in the hospital were brought to Turkey for medical treatment after the air bombings in Ras Al-Ayn by the Syrian Government.

• According to theRegional Representativeof the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of Syrians across the borders of Kilis and Hatay also increased and it is estimated to be about 20,000 people. Reportedly these people are admitted in smaller groups as per accommodation capacity of the current camps. There are two container sites under construction in Gaziantep province (Nizip-2) and Şanlıurfa Harran. Reportedly,there are also efforts of the Government to identify additional sites to build more camps.