Syrian Arab Republic: IDP Movements Tracking (June 2018)

The number of tracked displacements during the month of June witnessed a slight decrease compared to the previous month. Across Syria, 136,272 displacements were tracked in June compared to 141,130 in May. The largest movement of internally-displaced peoples (IDPs) was seen in Dar’a governorate, following the start of a military operation by the Government of Syria (GoS) forces against non-state armed groups (NSAGs) on 17 June. The humanitarian community tracked over 45,000 displacements within Dar’a governorate, and over 22,000 displacements to the nearby Quneitra governorate, particularly near the border with the occupied Golan Heights.

The second largest figure of tracked displacement was seen in Idleb governorate. The data shows over 19,000 displacement movement within Idleb governorate. This is most likely to be related to the continuous movement of IDPs in search of better shelter and employment options. Additionally, this could be due to the return of some IDPs to their original communities, but not to their original place of residence. In Aleppo governorate, over 14,000 displacements were tracked. This includes the displacement of over 4,800 within the governorate, which is the result of IDP movements between Afrin, A’zaz, Al-Bab, Jebel Saman and Jarablus sub-districts. Hostilities are unlikely to be the driver of this movement, as these areas enjoy relative stability. It could be moved, however, by the search for better shelter options. The humanitarian community tracked over 4,800 displacements from Homs to Aleppo, which could be related to the movement of people in order to reunite with their family members, who were evacuated to northern rural Aleppo during the month of May through local agreements.

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