Syria - Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (SMEB) Cost - Market Monitoring - March 2015

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This map illustrates the price and availability of a range of basic commodities in 13 sub-districts of Idleb governorate in Northern Syria. Primary data was collected by REACH from 19-23 March 2015, on behalf of the Cash-Based Response Technical Working Group, in order to understand the impact of the ongoing conflict on markets in Syria, and to inform the implementation of humanitarian cash programs within those markets.

The assessment monitored the price of basic food and non-food items, selected based on what is typically available, sold and used by an average Syrian household. These items make a Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (SMEB), detailed in the table below, which outlines the minimum culturally-adjusted items for survival for a six person household, for a one month period. For the purposes of this assessment, fresh vegetables and water were not included in the calculation, as prices vary considerably according to source and season.

Based on the data collected, this map shows the calculated price of an SMEB for each of the assessed sub-districts. The majority of items could be found in all the assessed markets, with a difference of 60 USD between the highest and lowest calculated price for a complete basket.

Prices vary across the assessed sub-districts, which are controlled by a range of different actors, including several armed opposition groups and the Government of Syria. While prices vary, the lack of clear trends is indicative of this complex situation, in which the cross-line movement of goods.

Northern Syria Market Monitoring Exercise, March 2015