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Syria, Iraq | Drought – DG ECHO Daily Map | 05/05/2021

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 Environmental impacts, such as the recurrence of drought and water availability, have been exacerbated by damage or destruction of irrigation infrastructures. Drought has also affected areas where livelihoods are based on pastoralism.

 One quarter of the population are engaged in agricultural production and are therefore particularly vulnerable to environmental shocks such as droughts from the protracted crisis.

Source: WFP, as of 1 April 2021


 Conflict and displacement of entire communities has led to a decreased agricultural productivity. Affected households face significant obstacles, such as the reconstruction of the irrigation systems, to resume agricultural livelihoods. Furthermore, increased soil salinity and prolonged droughts have decreased the efficiency of existing irrigation systems.

 According to FAO, drought is considered the main concern across the whole country, while soil salinity and water salinity are a concern in the centre and south.

Source: FAO, WFP, as of 31 March 2021