Sudan: Situation update on displacements in Darfur (as of 11 June 2014)

Displacements in Darfur since late February 2014
256,561 IDPs on 11 June 2014
127,182 reported returns


Assessments include initial rapid assessments, inter-agency assessments, as well as assessments conducted by single organizations and/or (I)NGOs - Undertaken: Kalma and Al Salam camps (03 Mar),
Saniya Deleiba (04 and 11 Mar), Dereige and Otash camps (09 Mar), Labado team site (11 Mar), Fasi (13 Mar), El Lait (14 - 17 Mar), El Taweisha (14 - 17 Mar and 13 - 17 Apr), Umtajouk (16 Mar), El Neem camp (19 Mar), El Serif camp (25 Mar), Korma team site (25 Mar), Saraf Omra team site (25-27 Mar), Khor Abeche (26 - 31 Mar and 07 - 09 Apr), Tawilla locality (03 April), Sanidadi, Hashab and another village in Kreinik locality (03 Apr), Selea town (06 Apr), Mellit (06 Apr and 04 and 11 June), Zamzam camp (07 Apr), Hameedia camp (08 - 09 Apr), Shagra C (17 Apr) Yassin town (22 - 24 Apr), Rural area of El Fasher locality (28 - 30 Apr and 12 June), Bieleil camp (Apr, date unknown), Labado team site (11-14 May), Um Gunya (14 May), El Sireaf town (13-15 May), Shaeria (18-20 May), Korma town and Korma team site (11 June)

  • Planned: Adilla and Abu Karinka (TBC), Beleil camp (TBC), Dar El Salam locality (TBC), El Fasher Rural (15-16 June), Kutum locality (TBC), Sania Afando and Higelig village (TBC)


  • Provided: ND: Saraf Omra town, including Saraf Omra team site, El Sireaf town, Korma town and surrounding villages, including Korma team site, Tawilla town and surrounding camps, Zamzam IDP Camp, Shagra C (Rural El Fasher locality), Mellit team site, El Lait town, Haskanita village (El Lait locality), El Taweisha town, Koroya and Usban villages (El Taweisha locality), SD: Saniya Deleiba, Alsalam, El Serif, Kalma, Dereige, Otash, Bielel IDP Camps, Khor Abeche team site, WD: Umtajouk, Hashab, Sanidadi and other 5 villages in Kreneik locality, CD: Fasi, Hameedia IDP Camp, ED: Labado team site, Selea town
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