Sudan (Darfur) and Chad border region - Confirmed damaged and destroyed villages (2 August 2004)


Data sources:
Refugee data: UNHCR, CNAR - July 5, 2004
IDP camp access data: WFP - July 9 2004 Courtesy of the HIC - Darfur
IDP camp locations data: OCHA, WFP, UNMAS

  • June 30, 2004 Courtesy of the HIC - Darfur
    Background imagery data: NASA Terra MODIS satellite mosaic
    Insets: Examples of imagery data. Quickbird
  • Digital Globe Inc.

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    Using Village Destruction Information Responsibly:
    July 30, 2004

    Surveillance of villages in Darfur, Sudan is an ongoing process. Much of the information already collected remains to be analyzed and confirmed. More information is also being collected.

    After information on the status of villages is collected and confirmed, that information goes into a data table in which entire villages are categorized as destroyed, damaged, or undamaged. This categorization process is not an exact science, but those analysts who are parsing the information are being conservative in their estimates and they are placing an emphasis on signs of intent. For example, unless a village appears to have sustained significant damage, it is considered undamaged (even though some structures may be damaged). A village labeled "Damaged" may have many destroyed structures just as a village labeled "Destroyed" may have a number of damaged structures among many destroyed ones. The categories simply hint at the extent of destruction (whether partial or nearly complete).

    For example, with the current data table (data as of July 22), we can map 516 destroyed/damaged in the Darfur region. The actual statistics from the table currently look like this:

    Darfur, Sudan:
    Total Villages Included: 1507
    Villages labeled as Damaged: 121
    Villages labeled as Destroyed: 395
    Villages labeled as No Damage: 975
    Villages labeled as Undetermined: 16

    This information, however, does not mean that the USG is finished assessing the status of villages in Darfur, nor do we know from this information about the ethnicity of populations in these villages.

    The data on villages in Chad now shows that of the 62 villages included, all 62 are labeled as No Damage.

    Several factors inhibit our ability to provide exact statistics for the number of structures destroyed/damaged. There are a number of confirmed and categorized villages for which there is no record of the number of structures. Additionally, in a few instances, a range for the number of structures destroyed or damaged was recorded.

    When the HIU receives further information on the status of more villages throughout the region, we will distribute it as appropriate.


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