South Sudan

South Sudan - Wau Infrastructure and Services Atlas (December 2019)

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This atlas contains 17 individual maps as part of the Wau, Rubkona And Bor South Village Assessment Survey (August - November 2019). DTM mapped the presence and quality of available facilities, infrastructure and services:

  1. Facilities Types and Coverage
  2. Education Facilities by Functionality
  3. School Curriculum
  4. Healthcare Facilities by Functionality
  5. Improved Water Point Facilities
  6. Access to Water and Related Conflict
  7. Access to Water Sources
  8. Most Common Forms of Sanitation Practices
  9. Most Common Shelter Types
  10. Major Livelihood Practices
  11. Top Three Livelihood Shocks
  12. Land Ownerships and Land Allocations to returnees
  13. Challenges that Affect Farming
  14. Access to Major Markets
  15. External Threats, Violations and Risks
  16. Internal Threats, Violations and Risks
  17. Presence of Mines and Demining Activities
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