South Sudan: Unity State - Composite Food Security Indicators (10 May 2017)

from REACH Initiative
Published on 10 May 2017 View Original

REACH calculated the areas more likely to be food insecure basing the estimation on the data collected between March and April 2017 with the Area of Knowledge (AoK) approach, using the following methodology.

A simple, composite food security measurement was created by averaging the percentages of key informants (KIs) reporting on the following indicators for specific settlements:

  • Presence of food

  • Presence of functioning markets

  • Access to agricultural inputs

  • Access to agricultural land 0% indicates a reported absence of all 4 by all KIs, while 100% indicates all 4 were reported available by each KI.

All indicators were considered to have the same impact on the composite measure.

Only assessed settlements are shown on the map.

Values for different settlements have been averaged and represented with hexagons 10km wide.