South Sudan

South Sudan - Socioeconomics, Climatic Hazards, and Community Infrastructure, Pibor County - Jonglei State County Profile, September 2022


Pibor is a large county located in the southeast of Jonglei state, bordered by Ethiopia to the east. Together with Pochalla County, it makes up the Greater Pibor Administrative Area. The population is centred around Pibor Town area and the western payams.
Pibor County has experienced various episodes of conflict and intercommunal clashes in recent years, often resulting in displacement. Infrastructure remains limited whilst road access is poor, particularly in the rainy season. The county also generally faces limited water access and poor WASH conditions. Atypical flooding has occurred in recent years, with the most extensive being in 2019. This appeared to directly follow a period of drought, highlighting climatic variability in the region in recent years.