24 September 2014: World - ECHO Flash Events

U.S.A. – Wildfires

• Over 36 000ha have been burnt by an active wildfire (named “King Fire”) near Sacramento, northern California, while it has also destroyed 68 structures, including 12 houses, as of 24 September. Evacuations are still in effect.

• A second large wildfire, “Happy Camp Complex”, has burnt over 53 000ha in Siskiyou County. It is currently 86% contained. (NICC, USDA)

Ukraine/Russia – Severe Weather

• Severe weather, including strong winds, heavy rainfall and storm surge, is affecting south-eastern Ukraine and south-western Russia, as of 24 September. Media report electricity and water disruptions in Mariupol, southern Donetsk, while power outages are also affecting Crimea, Rostov Oblast and Krasnodar Krai.

• According to JRC calculations, storm surge of up to 2.9m may affect the north-eastern coast of Azov Sea in the afternoon of 24 September. (JRC, Russian Meteo, Ukrainian Meteo, Local Media 1 & 2)

India – Severe Weather

• Heavy rainfall continues over north-eastern India. The death toll due to floods, the overflow of river Brahmaputra and landslides continues rising, with 34 people reportedly killed in Meghalaya and another 30 in Assam, as of 24 September, according to local media. The affected people are estimated to be approx. 300 000.

• Heavy rainfall is further forecast in parts of Assam and Meghalaya during the course of 24 September. (IMD, Local Media 1 & 2)

China – Tropical Cyclone

• After making landfall in Zhejiang and Shanghai, FUNG-WONG weakened into a Tropical Depression over the Yellow Sea and started dissipating. In the next 24h, heavy rainfall may affect southern Republic of Korea. (GDACS, CMA, Local Media)

South Sudan – Refugees

• The number of refugees from South Sudan currently stands at 453 000 people and is expected to exceed 700 000 by end of October.

• In Ethiopia, the relocation of 55 000 individuals from two flooded camps in Gambella remains a priority. Gambella hosts the majority of the over 190 000 refugees from South Sudan.

• Uganda counts 125 996 refugees from the neighbouring country. Measures for the possibility of incoming Ebola cases are under development at the borders.

• Kenya has received 43 250 refugees since December 2013. During the week of 14-19 September, an average of 397 refugees were being registered daily, while the Kakuma camp has exceeded by 30 000 its hosting capacity of 150 000 individuals. (OCHA, UNHCR, IOM)

Nigeria – Conflict

• Another 50 young women were seized by Boko Haram insurgents in Adamawa state on 20 September, while young men are also being forcefully recruited.

• The militants are now in control of parts of Adamawa, while fierce battles are being contacted in Borno state. Hundreds of people have been killed and scores of villages and communities destroyed.

• The IDP are estimated to be up to 3.3 million. More than 70 000 have sought refuge in Niger and 49 000 in Cameroon. (ECHO)

Syria – Refugees

• 138 000 refugees from northern Syria have crossed into southern Turkey since 19 September.

• Reports from local sources indicate that most of the population of the northern Aleppo town of Kobane has left it, as fighting between ISIL and Kurdish forces is affecting approx. 400 000 people in the governorate.

• Further population displacement can expected in the northern and eastern Syria areas controlled by ISIL and other armed opposition groups. (ECHO)

Iraq – Conflict/Refugees

• Nearly 103 000 Iraqi refugees have sought registration with the UNHCR in Turkey, with thousands more already in the country, but yet to come for registration.

• In Jordan, the daily average of registered Iraqi refugees has risen to 120 in August/September, with the total reaching 10 644 since the beginning of 2014. (UNHCR)