Somalia:Tropical Storm Alert! (25th October, 2012)

Heavy rains reported in north eastern Somalia as tropical storm MURJAN passes the Horn of Africa

During the last 24‐hours a tropical storm named MURJAN has been developing in the northern Indian Ocean and has hit some areas in Puntland and is expected to move further inland. Currently the storm is bringing strong winds and heavy rains within the areas of Bari region (Bossasso, Ishkushban and Bandar Beyla). The storm is expected to move away from the Somali coastline towards the Somali region in Ethiopia and diminish by October 28th (map 1).

The rains are however expected to extend inland in the next 12 hours with strong winds. Therefore, it is advisable to stay in doors and take the necessary precautions since the winds might lead to destruction of weak structures. Flash floods are also foreseen along the storm path within Bari, Sool, and Togdheer regions.

SWALIM and partners are monitoring the situation and will update you accordingly. For more details on tropical storm tracking you can consult: or consult SWALIM.
Tropical Storm Alert!