Somalia: WASH Cluster Beneficiaries (as of 23 Jul 2012) - Info graphic

The clusters main objective in 2011 was an increased focus on sustainable water interventions to accompany the temporary responses of water access voucher and chlorination. The goal was to increase resilience in the community. Key scale up activities included hygiene promotion activities in nutrition centres, and pre-positioning supplies for cholera/AWD response. At the time of the Emergency Review, the WASH Cluster revised its target of 2 million people in need of sustainable access to WASH to 3.3 million. By the end of the year, 1.95 million people had sustainable access to safe WASH. The CHF accounted for 32% of the total funding received by the cluster in 2011. Majority of the beneficiaries targeted by the 55 projects totalling $23 million, covered in this report were in Banadir and Mudug where most of the funding was directed. 56% of the $23 million was allocated to International NGOS, 30% to Local NGOs and 14% to UN agencies.

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