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Somalia: Tropical Storm Update, Issued: 10th November, 2015


Heavy rains reported in Puntland as tropical storm MEGH passes the northern coast of the country

The north eastern parts of Somalia experienced extreme weather in form of a tropical storm since 8th November 2015. The tropical storm named MEGH was associated with strong winds and heavy rains in some parts of Puntland with most stations recording more than three times their long term mean annual rainfall. For instance, Eyl recorded a total of 160mm while Allula received 154mm in a single day.

The extreme weather conditions led to livestock deaths as well as destruction of property and infrastructure including roads, buildings and boats. Currently, flash floods still threaten many areas following the heavy downpour that is still being experienced in some areas.

The storm is expected to make a land fall in Yemen and may have some effects of moderate to strong winds in the coast of Somaliland in the next 12 to 24 hours.

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