Somalia: South Central Dashboard - Period: 01-Sep-12 to 23-Nov-12

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 23 Nov 2012

Between 1stSep and 23rd Nov 2012, displacements were mainly recorded in South Central with approximately 34,000 out of a total 36,000 displacements recorded in all three zones. 18,900 displaced people reported insecurity as the major cause of displacement in South Central followed byCrossborder movement (4,800), IDP temporary return(3,200), Eviction(3,100). The movements originated mainly from Juba Hoose (17,000), Banadir (4,000), Shabelle Hoose (1,800) and Gedo (1,500) regions. Thetop three regions people moved to were, Juba Hoose (12,000), Banadir (8,200), Gedo (6,500) among other regions.