Somalia: Shelter and NFIs Cluster Beneficiaries (as of 23 July 2012) - Info graphic


The cluster objectives in 2011 were aimed at protecting newly-displaced and other vulnerable groups from life-threatening elements; improving the living conditions of the displaced population in stabilised settlements and supporting the IDPs and responsible authorities in voluntary relocation, or return where possible.

In 2011, approximately 695,000 IDPs or 54% of the 1.3 million target populated received NFI while 50% (75,600) of the 150,899 targeted received transitional shelters. The average monthly total benefi ciaries reached through the distribution of Non Food Items (NFIs) and Transitional Shelter, since the declaration of famine was 96,422 and 6,504 respectively. A total of 146,680 benefi ciaries were reached through the eight projects covered through this report. In general, the CHF accounted for 29% ($9.5 million) of the total funding received by the cluster in 2011.

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