Somalia Rainfall Forecast - Issued: 27 September 2018


The Deyr 2018 rainy season (September-December) started in some parts of the country during the last few days. The rains are expected to continue spreading in time and space during the coming weeks with the season expected to end in November.

The rainfall forecast for the next three days (Map 1) is calling for light to moderate amounts of rainfall in the northern regions and a few places in the south. The rains are expected to intensify with the time and space during the week ending on 03 October, 2018 as seen in Map 2. Moderate rains are also expected in the upper parts of the Ethiopian highlands during the coming week.

Users are advised that this is a forecast and at times there may be discrepancies between forecast and actual amounts of rainfall received. The forecast, observed river levels and rainfall amounts are updated on a daily basis and can be found on this link: