Somalia: Kismayo Population Movements & Protection Monitoring

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 28 Sep 2012

Key Events

Since August, AMISOM/SNAF contingents have been closing in on Kismayo, reaching Bibi on the 5th of September.People in the port-city reported that Al Shabaab fighters were leaving Kismayo. The next two weeks saw frequent confrontations at Al-Shabaab defense positions surrounding the city.Kenyan naval forces reportedly shelled Al-Shabaab strongholds in Kismayo on several occasions.On Monday 17th September,Al-Shabaab reportedly broadcast a call to arms to fight against the AMISOM/SNF forces on their Kismayo-based radio station, AndalusFM. On the 20th of September an Al-Shabaab commander reiterated that Kismayo would be defended and fleeing civilians reported Al-Shabaab militants coming back into the city,taking up fortified positions.On the 26th of September Kenyan fighter jets reportedly bombed the airport in Kismayo targeting Al-Shabaab’s arms and supplies, while people in the city also reported instances of shelling from the sea.