Reported Incidents of Somali Pirate Attacks & Hijackings in the Gulf of Aden (as of 02 Oct 2008)


This map illustrates reported incidents of piracy in the Gulf of Aden from January to 30 September 2008; and was produced by UNOSAT in support of the ongoing humanitarian operations across the Horn of Africa, and in response to the UN Security Council Resolution 1816 (2008) adopted 2 June 2008, and IMO resolution adopted 29 Nov. 2007 calling for continued monitoring of Somali pirate activity. Satellite imagery has been used in this analysis for the identification of suspected hijacked vessel locations between the villages of Eyl & Garacad. All piracy incident data has been obtained from public media sources. Reported incidents in 2008 are highlighted with an intensity color scale. Previous incidents from 2005 to 2007 are also shown. Note, this is an initial assessment and has not yet been independently verified in the field. Please send additions/corrections to UNOSAT. Map scale for A2: 1:2750,000; Projection : Transverse Mercator; Datum : WGS 1984.

Satellite Data : QuickBird-02
Resolution : 60 cm
Imagery Dates :14 -30 September 2008
Copyright : Digital Globe (2008)
Distributed by : Eurimage
Piracy Data : ICC-IMB, IMO, ONI, Garowe, SMN
Security Analysis : UNOSAT 2008
Map Production: UNOSAT 2008