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East Africa Regional Rain Watch - May 15, 2012


Persistent heavy rains and floods cause extensive damage

Persistent and well above-average rains across the region since early April have culminated in widespread floods, loss of lives, displaced people, and property damage, raising new concerns for crop losses in parts of the key agricultural areas in western and central Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and parts of southern Somalia (Figure 1). Other areas reporting localized floods include parts of northwestern and Lower Shabelle river basin of Somalia, lower Tana and Athi river basins of Kenya, and the northern coastal strip of Tanzania, predominantly agropastoral and pastoral livelihood areas.

Despite the damage caused in parts of the region, the late seasonal rains have largely been beneficial in terms of improved crop and rangeland conditions and water replenishment. Crop condition anomalies projected through the end of the season, assuming an average continuation of rains in the western and central parts of the region, depict good crop production prospects in key agricultural areas (Figure 2).