Atlas of Somali Water and Land Resources (as of 5 March 2012)

The “Atlas of Somali Water and Land Resources” is a collection of maps that display the data stored in SWALIM’s archives. Most of these data derive from original data collection and processing done by SWALIM and supplemented by data provided by partners and collaborating agencies. Another source of data is the SWALIM library, where most of the existing reports, grey literature and other sources of information on water and land of the country are kept.

The Atlas is designed to give a broad overview of the natural resources of the territory. It is organized into five chapters: Administrative Boundaries, Physical Environment, Climate, Water, and Land. In these chapters you will find maps with different degrees of detail, ranging from the Horn of Africa perspective (see for example the maps on the drainage basins) to the very local (see the town plans from satellite images). In between, national and regional maps present a number of themes related to water and land resources.

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