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6 June 2014: World - ECHO Flash Events

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Mexico – Severe Weather

• After landfall, Tropical Cyclone BORIS has been reduced to a low pressure area which may interact with a second low pressure system that formed in the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, heavy rainfall is expected to continue affecting the southern states of Mexico. (GDACS, NASA, NOAA, CONAGUA, Media)

Somalia – Crisis

• The humanitarian situation in Somalia continues deteriorating, influenced further by the ongoing military offensive as well as the new Al-Shabaab tactic of blocking major supply routes and encirclement of newly recovered areas.

• Major NGOs are noting that existing life-saving programs were presently being cut and are at high risk of closure without additional financial support. WASH activities in IDP camps in Mogadishu were already discontinued recently.

• Currently, an estimated number of 857 000 people continue to depend on life-saving assistance, with another two million people on the margin of food insecurity. More than one million people remain internally displaced. Moreover, a below-average harvest is expected in July and August, partly due to two poor rainy seasons. (UN, ECHO)