13 Nov 2013: Somalia – Tropical Cyclone THREE

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• Tropical Cyclone THREE made landfall on the NE Somali coast late on 10 Nov (UTC), and moved W over Bari and Nugaal region, weakening. Late on 11 Nov it started moving away from these areas, towards the Gulf of Aden, dissipating. It affected the areas along its path with strong winds and heavy rainfall (see inset map), causing flash floods.

• The Puntland authorities declared a natural disaster emergency on 11 Nov.

• Efforts to conduct a rapid interagency assessment are hampered by a break in the main road between Garowe and the coast and the inability of flights to land in Garowe or Bossaso airports as of 12 Nov. The UN Humanitarian Air Service is expected to be restored by 13 Nov to both airports.

• Media quote local government officials estimating that the death toll may reach 300 in Puntland (at least 100 reported so far), while more are currently unaccounted for following the storm.

• Communications lines and road access are currently severed, hampering the collection or verification of information and the delivery of assistance.

• Thousands of livestock are reported dead as a consequence of the icy rain.

• Early reports received by the Puntland authorities suggest substantial damage to homes, buildings, and other infrastructure in the area.

• In the next 24h light to moderate rain may affect NE Somalia, moderate (locally heavy) rain may affect S and W Somalia.