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West Africa - Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak, 09/03/2015

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• New cases are reported in Sierra Leone and Guinea, according to the WHO, as of 6 March. Unsafe burial practices are still being reported in both countries. Liberia reported no new confirmed cases within the past week, the first time since the week of 26 May 2014.
• Sierra Leone reported 81 new confirmed cases in the week up to the 1 March. Guinea reported 51 new confirmed cases in the week until 1 March, and cases continue to arise from unknown sources, indicating that early patient detection, safe isolation and treatment, but also that contact tracing and efficient data management and safe and dignified burials still need to be significantly improved. In contrast, Liberia reported no new confirmed cases in the past week. The last known chain of transmission is being monitored.
• Guinea, Mali and Senegal agreed to strengthen cross-border cooperation in case-management, community-based surveillance, risk communication and information sharing, and screening. This should help to better control the situation and limit possible cross-border transmission of the virus.