Serbia: Floods - Situation (as of 28 May 2014)


Situation in most affected areas as of 28 May:

  • Stagnation is expected on the Rivers Danube and Sava .

  • Several cities and municipalities continue to be severely affected.

  • Critical infrastructure compromised, including industrial sites near river and excavation mines.

  • Numerous landslides, causing damage to buildings, roads and critical infra structure.

  • Many road closures.

  • Threat of further landslides.

  • Agricultural losses in flooded area widespread.

  • Minor risk of landmine displacement.

International response as of 27 May:

  • High capacity pumping operations continue to be concentrated in Belgrade-Obrenovac but are hampered by dam breaches.

  • Further pumping operations in several locations on going although now reducing in number.

  • High capacity water purification facilities being deployed.

  • Biological decontamination is ongoing.

  • Landslides and risk of further landslides being assessed.

  • Agricultural losses being assessed.


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