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24 April 2014: Eastern Europe – Floods


  • SERBIA: As of 24 April, due to the recent floods, six municipalities in southern Serbia are most affected (see map). Currently the most vulnerable locations are the villages near Krusevac in the Rasina County. Forecast: According to national information, water levels are decreasing within the Velica Morava River near Ćuprije and Bagrdan below the first alarm level (out of three alarm levels). A new rise of water level is expected in the South Morava (Juzua Morava) River and its tributaries, the upper course of the Western Morava (Zapadna Morava), Ibar,
    Lim, Jadra, upper Drina and Kolubara with a possibility for local flooding.

  • ROMANIA: The recent floods affected 85 villages (at the height of the event, 21 April), especially along the river Vedea. 49 localities in six counties are reported affected, 175 houses flooded, 4 591 ha of agriculture flooded and 13 houses affected by landslides.
    Forecast: A number of rivers in southern Romania exceed the first and partially also the second alert level. Main Danube river is not affected (National Institute of Hydrology and water Management forecast until 25 April, as of 23 April).

  • BULGARIA: Several villages were affected by floods around Belogradchik (Vidin province) and Montana (Montana Province), due to river overflow, which caused damage to houses and infrastructure (media).
    Forecast: According to national information, water levels are currently high and showing an increasing tendency in the Yantra and Pyce river, both tributaries of the Danube, as well as in the Struma and Middle Maritza river (thresholds are not yet exceeded).

  • BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA: Due to the rainfall, there has been a rise in the water levels of the rivers. Water levels of the river Vrbas exceeded the “critical point” near the village of Delibašino.
    Forecast: As the rain continues, a further rise in the water level of a number of the rivers (particularly in the northern areas) is expected.
    Sources: JRC/EFAS, National Authorities, National information, media