UNICEF Senegal Situation Report - 04 September 2012

Originally published



  • The National nutrition survey SMART has been completed to update the nutrition situation countrywide. MoH released preliminary results showing the deteriorating nutritional situation of children with 22,336 severe cases estimated through SMART 2012 compared to 20,000 cases with SMART 2011.

  • The government has requested to UNICEF and WFP to increase their financial and technical support to the emergency response plan.

  • The nutrition surveillance system is functioning in two most affected regions of Diourbel and Matam, and weekly data being submitted at national level by MOH and partners (MSF and ACF) despite the strike of health workers retaining data.

  • The scaling up of the emergency response plan is in progress with micro planning completed in 2 Regions of Louga and Thies. Saint Louis is planned for the last week of August 2012.

  • Coordination undergoing at both national and regional levels with the involvement of all stakeholders for Nutrition, Health, WASH and communication interventions and advocacy with other UN agencies held on monthly basis.

  • Partnership agreements signed for intervention in additional three regions

  • MoH scale up planning for additional 3 regions underway