Saint-Barthélémy - Antilles Islands, France - Wind Storm - Situation as of 06/09/2017, Delineation Map (02 Oct 2017)

from European Commission
Published on 02 Oct 2017 View Original

Map Information

Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a powerful category five storm as warnings have been issued for several Caribbean islands.

The hurricane had sustained winds of up to 280km/h. Irma is projected to hit the islands, causing storm surges, life-threatening winds and torrential rain.

The present map shows the flood delineation in the area of Saint Barthelemy (FRANCE). The thematic layer has been derived from post-event satellite image using a semi-automatic approach. The estimated geometric accuracy is 40 m or better, from native positional accuracy of the background satellite image.

No flooded area have been detected based on the post-event radar imagery