Philippines: Tropical Storm Sarika, Warning #06 13OCT16 2100 UTC

from Pacific Disaster Center
Published on 13 Oct 2016

PDC is closely monitoring Tropical Storm Sarika as it approaches the Philippines. According to JTWC on 13OCT16 2100UTC, Sarika was located approximately 426 NM East of Manila, Philippines, and has tracked west-northwestward at 5 knots over the past six hours. The latest warning reports max sustained winds of 35 KT, gusts reaching 45 KT. Maximum significant wave height is 18 feet.

Attached are situational awareness products depicting Estimated Tropical Cyclone Wind Impacts, Rainfall, and Storm Surge which are also available as layers in DisasterAWARE. If you would like to view these models in real time in DisasterAWARE, please access the Hazard event through the link below and select the “Layers” tab above the product list. You may also search “TAOS” in the “Layers” palette. Additional products will be issued for future advisories as necessary for this event.

Direct link to the Hazard event: