Philippines, Japan, China - Tropical Cyclone GONI - ECHO Daily Map | 24/08/2015

• GONI passed over the Ishigaki and west of Miyako islands, southern Okinawa prefecture, as a Typhoon on 23 August. On 24 August, at 6.00 UTC, its centre was located approx. 158km west of Amami islands and it had max. sust. Winds of 204 km/h.

• Over the next 24h, GONI is forecast to move north-east towards western Kyushu in southern mainland Japan, passing west of the rest of Okinawa prefecture and west of Kagoshima prefecture islands, as well. Its intensity will decrease, but it will remain a Typhoon. It may reach Kyushu on late 24 August.

• GONI will continue affecting the areas along its path with heavy rainfall, strong winds and storm surge. Storm surge of the order of 1m is indicated for northwestern Kyushu early on 25 August, according to JRC calculations. Warnings for high waves, heavy rain, floods, storm and storm surge are in effect in Okinawa and Kagoshima prefectures in Japan. A heavy rain Advisory remains in effect in most of Taiwan, as of 24 August. There are also a Blue Warning for Typhoon for southeastern China and a Typhoon Warning and Advisory for Jeju island (south Repuplic of Korea) in effect, as of 24 August.

• Heavy rainfall and strong winds caused the slight injury of five people in Ishigaki, Okinawa. Neither significant damage nor injuries have been reported in Taiwan, where more than 2,500 people had preventively evacuated their homes. GONI had earlier caused the death of 17 people and forced the evacuation of over 7,500 families in Luzon, Philippines, as of 24 August.