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Asia-Pacific region 8 - 14 January, 2013 - Natural disasters and other events being monitored by the OCHA Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific

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  1. Philippines - TC Bopha (Pablo) struck the southern Philippines in early December. Concerns for acute respiratory infections in Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental provinces have declined since mid-December. The risk of floods and landslides due to heavy rains persists in typhoon-affected areas hampering humanitarian activities. The revised Action Plan will be launched in Manila on 25 January. More recently a low pressure area affected areas in Mindanao causing flash floods and a landslide affecting nearly 5,000 people. Source: OCHA
  2. Bangladesh - A cold wave which affected more than 2 million households around the country eased over the weekend, however a new cold wave is expected to affect the NW at the end of this week. Source: OCHA
  3. Fiji - TC Evan struck Samoa and Fiji between 13-17 Dec. In Fiji, 106 people remain displaced in 11 evacuation centers. A Humanitarian Action Plan, launched on 9 Jan identifies US$ 18.7 million in unmet needs over the coming 3 months. Source: OCHA
  4. India -Extreme cold weather in northern India has killed 233, according to media reports. Many of the dead are the homeless and elderly. Source: IFRC
  5. Papua New Guinea - Flooding is currently affecting more than 30,000 people in Morobe, Oro, Enga, and Western Highlands provinces. Assessments are underway and the GoPNG has already released funds for road and bridge rehabilitation. Source: OCHA
  6. Solomon Islands - TC Freda passed over the islands on 29 Dec. Assessments reveal damage to agriculture, infrastructure and shelter. Makira and Guadacanal are the worst affected areas. Source: OCHA, PDC
  7. Indonesia - Continuous rain has caused flooding in Banten Province. 4 people have been killed, 1 is missing, and nearly 62,000 people are displaced. Flooding has also affected areas in West Java. Source: OCHA
  8. Australia - Bush fires have destroyed 33 homes in New South Wales. Media reports 170 fires burning with 30 described as "uncontained". Source: Media
  9. Indonesia - Strong wind caused by TC Narelle caused 1 death and damaged homes in Bali. Source: OCHA 10. Australia - TC Narelle is moving south along the west Australian coast. There are no reports of damage or casualties due to the storm, but the weather system may adversely affect the bushfires by bring warmer weather to the affected areas. Source: PDC, Media Precipitation Forecast - The latest forecast generally predicts normal rainfall across the Asia-Pacific region. There is a chance of greater than average rainfall in the northern Philippines, Borneo, and across Micronesia.
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