Asia-Pacific region 25 - 31 December, 2012 - Natural disasters and other events being monitored by the OCHA Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific

  1. Philippines - TC Bopha (Pablo) struck the southern Philippines about 4 weeks ago. Nearly 974,000 people remain displaced, of whom almost 14,000 are in 87 evacuation centers. The rest are staying outside of the centers. As of 25 Dec, 1,067 people are reported as dead and another 834 are missing. A large international response is underway, in support of the government. Emergency Shelter remains the highest priority need.
    Source: OCHA

  2. Sri Lanka - Beginning on 18 Dec, torrential rain has caused flash floods and landslides in almost every district of the country. As of 30 Dec, The GoSL reported 40 deaths and 7 missing. The number of affected people is estimated at 402,000, with a total of 39,000 people evacuated to 242 shelters across the country. Authorities are providing assistance to the affected people while repairing vital infrastructure.
    Source: OCHA

  3. Fiji - TC Evan has caused widespread damage across areas in western Fiji. There are currently over 1,200 people in evacuation centers, down from a peak of nearly 12,000 on 20 Dec. The results of a government led damage assessment has been submitted to the cabinet with a total of FJ$ 75 million (US$ 42.3 million).
    Source: OCHA

  4. Samoa - TC Evan has struck Samoa killing four and destroying and damaging housing which has left nearly 13,000 people affected.
    Restoration of water and power supply and continued support for the temporary shelters have been identified as the most critical humanitarian priorities.
    Source: OCHA

  5. Bangladesh - A cold wave has affected more than 2 million households around the country. The GoB has requested agencies incountry to contribute blankets to cover an existing gap of 1.5 million households.
    Source: OCHA

  6. Philippines -Tropical Storm Wukong (Quinta) made landfall over Leyte on 26 December and has subsequently weakened to a tropical depression. As of 31 December, NDRRMC reported 20 deaths, 59,993 displaced, of which 57,924 are in 60 evacuation centers Source: OCHA

  7. Solomon Islands - TC Freda passed over the islands on 29 Dec.
    Some damage to community infrastructure including the water supply was reported but assessments are ongoing to ascertain the extent of the damage. There is no request for international assistance yet.
    Source: OCHA, PDC

  8. Australia - Tropical Storm Mitchell is moving down the western coast of Australia but is expected to soon downgrade to a tropical depression.
    Source: PDC, GDACS

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