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06 Nov 2013: ASIA – Tropical Cyclones



  • THIRTY (WILMA in the Philippines) moved over S Visayas on 04 Nov, as a Tropical Depression, and crossed Palawan on 05 Nov, affecting ca. 700 people (NDRRMC). Later it moved towards Vietnam, making landfall in S Vietnam on 06 Nov morning (UTC).
  • In the next 24h, it is forecast to cross S Vietnam and S Cambodia, weakening into a low pressure area and emerge over the Gulf of Thailand. On 06-07 Nov, strong winds and rains may affect S Vietnam and parts of Cambodia. Rains may also affect parts of E, lower central and S Thailand on 07-08 Nov.


  • HAIYAN has intensified into a super Typhoon. On 06 Nov, at 06:00 UTC, it had max. sust. winds of 249 km/h (equivalent to a Category 4 in the Saffir Simpson Scale) and its center was located ca. 200 km S of Yap (Federated State of Micronesia, FSM) and ca. 370 km E of Palau.
  • In the next 24h it is forecast to move NW, passing off the coast of Palau on 06 Nov afternoon/evening (UTC), slightly intensifying and affecting Palau and YAP (FSM) with strong winds and heavy rains. As of 06 Nov, 12:00 UTC (NOAA), a Typhoon Warning was in effect for Ngulu (Yap state) and for Kayangel and Koror (Palau), a Tropical Storm Warning for Yap island (Yap State). As of 06 Nov (OCHA), minor inundation and a few properties and trees damaged were reported in atolls of Caroline Islands, Yap State (FSM).
  • According to 06 Nov 06:00 UTC data, HAIYAN may reach the coast of Philippines early on 8 Nov (UTC), affecting the area along its path with very strong winds, heavy rains and storm surge (see inset map). Forecast Track/Intensity uncertainty is still high. Track, Intensity and storm surge locations and heights may still change.