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05 Nov 2013: ASIA – Tropical Cyclones THIRTY-13 and HAIYAN-13



PHILIPPINES: Tropical Cyclone THIRTY-13

  • On 05 November 06h00 UTC, THIRTY-13 (named WILMA in the Philippines) was a Tropical Depression, with max. sust. Wind speed of 56km/h. Its centre was roughly located at 250km W of Palawan island, over the South China Sea. Its movement was westwards, in the direction of southern Vietnam.
  • According to the NDRRMC report of 05 November, 700 people were affected by floods in the municipalities of Dumaran, Roxas and San Vicente, Palawan (Region IV-B). Moderate to locally heavy rainfall may still affect parts of Palawan on 05 November.
  • As of 05 November 06h00 UTC, THIRTY-13 was forecast to continue moving W in the next 24h, strengthening. It is expected to approach the southern provinces of Vietnam on 06 November, around noon (UTC), with Tropical Storm force.


  • On 05 November 06h00 UTC, HAIYAN-13 was a Typhoon, with max. sust. Wind speed of 121km/h. Its centre was located ca. 1 100km E of Palau and ca. 780km SE of Yap State (Micronesia). It was moving WNW, over water, undergoing significant intensification.
  • As of the same date and time, HAIYAN-13 was forecast to continue moving WNW in the next 48h, strengthening, in the direction of the Philippine Sea.
  • Typhoon Warnings are in effect for Kayangel (Palau) and Woleai and Ngulu (Yap State). A Tropical Storm Warning and a Typhoon Watch are in effect for Koror (Palau) and Yap island (Yap State). A Typhoon Watch is also issued for Fais and Ulithi (Yap State).