Sullana - Peru - Flood - Situation as of 25/03/2017, Grading Map


Map Information

Severe rains causing floods have been ongoing in Peru since months, and the situation deteriorated over past few weeks, resulting in floods, landslides and mud flows across the country. The worst floods and mudslides in almost 30 years are affecting over half of Peru due to an abnormal warming of Pacific water caused by El Niño weather phenomenon. Tens of people have lost their lives and tens of thousands are homeless. There has been a significant damage to infrastructure; hundreds of buildings and bridges have been severely damaged. A state of emergency has been declared in many regions due to the worst flooding in many years.

The present map shows the damage grade assessment in the area of Sullana (Peru). The thematic layer has been derived from post-event satellite image using a semi-automatic approach. The estimated geometric accuracy is 5 m CE90 or better, from native positional accuracy of the background satellite image.