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11 June 2014: Paraguay - Floods



•River overflow has been affecting Paraguay, due to heavy rainfall over the country since May and over south-eastern Brazil since the beginning of June.

•According to the latest estimated figures, 31 837 families have been affected throughout Paraguay; however, the number is expected to rapidly increase in the coming days.

•In the Parana river basin (southern Paraguay) several locations are flooded and hundreds of people have been evacuated to safer places. It is likely that the situation will worsen, as the water reservoirs of two dams on Parana River, namely Itaipu and Yacyreta Apipe, are reaching their limits and the excess of water will have to be released. This will increase the river’s level in towns located downstream of Parana River basin, mainly towns in the departments of Misiones and Ñeembucú, which are already severely affected by floods.

•In the Paraguay river basin, the capital city of Asuncion is one of the worst affected by the floods. Nearly 10 000 families have received assistance and more than 1 600 ones have evacuated and are hosted in temporary shelters.

•According to the National Meteorological Service, low temperatures, wind and rain are expected in the country on 13 June.

•Brazil has also been affected by floods and river overflows, which have killed nine people and displaced several thousands in the states of Parana and Santa Catarina, as of 11 June.
Sources: ECHO, Government of Paraguay, Government of Brazil, GDACS, AFP