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5 September 2014: India, Pakistan – Floods



In the last few days very heavy affected parts of northern India and north-eastern Pakistan, causing damage and deaths.

• Floods and landslides, due to very heavy rains, affected parts of northern India, killing at least 39 people and affecting several villages over the last few days. Rescue operations were on-going; hundreds of people were rescued (media, as of 5 September).

• In the next 24 h more heavy to very heavy rains may still affect parts of northern India.

PAKISTAN • Very heavy rains continue affecting north-eastern Pakistan, causing floods in parts of Punjab and AJK.

• As of 5 September (NDMA), the number of deaths increased to 66 (36 in Punjab, 30 in AJK) and 68 people were injured.

• In the next 24-36 h more very heavy rains may still affect north-eastern Pakistan, including the already flood- affected areas. Very High to Exceptionally High Flood Level is likely to continue in Rivers Chenab & Jhelum along with their associated streams during the next 24 – 48 h (NDMA).