Gaza Strip: Palestinians Internally Displaced Persons - Locations of Collective Centres and "Pre-fabricatd housing units" Sites (19 January 2015)

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The July-August 2014 hostilities caused signicant displacement in the Gaza Strip. At the height of the conict, some 500,000 Palestinians were internally displaced. As of January 2015, more than 100,000, whose homes were severely damaged or destroyed remained displaced.

IDPs are sheltering in UNRWA Collective Centres, with host families, in pre-fabricated housing units, in rented apartments and some in make-shift shelters in the rubble of their homes. They require food assistance, non-food items, rental subsidies, cash assistance to carry out basic repairs, access to basic services and more. However, the ability of humanitarian agencies to respond to these needs is impeded by signicant funding gaps.

IDPs face a range of protection threats, particularly female headed households, women and girls, disabled persons, and the elderly.

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