Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook October 10 – October 16, 2013

from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Published on 09 Oct 2013

 After a week of heavy rain, rains across bi-modal West Africa were light and below-average.

 Anomalous heavy early-season rainfall was observed across much of Mozambique.

1) Since June, insufficient and poorly-distributed rainfall has led to large rainfall deficits across the Gulf of Guinea countries and has reduced maize yields in Ghana and southern Togo and in southwestern Nigeria. Although seasonal rainfall is expected to increase, below average rainfall totals have already been observed since the beginning of September. Average to below-average rainfall is forecast during the next week.

2) Forecasted heavy and torrential rains across the SNNP and southern Oromia regions of Ethiopia and northern Kenya will increase the risk for localized flash flooding during the next week.